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Courage Corner: Functional Training and Kettlebell Workouts

Courage Corner Week 1: Kettlebell Swing Skill Builder

courage corner kettlebell strength training Nov 16, 2023

Kettlebell Swing Skill Builder

Want to practice your kettlebell swings and get in a killer full body workout? We’ve got you covered! 

Perform 5 total sets of “hinges” at the level appropriate for you. Use a kettlebell or two heavy enough to challenge you for 8 reps!  

Start with the first move on the list and complete 8 reps. Feeling confident? Move to the next skill for the following set! (If you need more practice with a particular movement, stick with that move for the remaining sets.)

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Level 1
 / Set 1 = 8 Kettlebell

  • Pushups (Full, elevated/wall, or Kneeling) Perform until you could do ONE MORE rep with good form and stop there!  

Level 2 / Set 2 = 8 “dead stop” two hand swings (park the bell after each rep) 

  • Pushups - 1 rep less than last set 

Level 3 / Set 3 = 8 continuous two hand swings

  • Pushups - 1 rep less than last set 

Level 4 / Set 4 = 4 one hand swings per side setting the bell down in between hands. 

  • Pushups - 1 rep less than last set 

Level 5 / Set 5 = 4 one hand swings per side using a transfer to switch hands. 

  • Pushups - 1 rep less than last set 

After each set rest until you can easily breath through your nose.  

Remember, strength is a skill. Take your time, rest as needed, and practice often! 

Happy lifting! 


By Matt McHugh, RKC "I believe every body is capable of great things and have made it my mission to teach others how to do that in a fun, safe environment with kettlebells and functional movement." Learn more about Matt and all our coaches HERE!

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