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Create Strength, Health, Healing, and Results.

Our coaches get you and know neurology.

Tired of old-science and the same gym-struggle? If you been looking for soft hearts and a scientific approach individualized fitness, lifestyle and nutrition - you've come to the right place. 

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Create Strength, Health, Healing, and Results

with the Forest Methods neurology-based approach to coaching.

Tired of old-science and the same gym-struggle? If you been looking for individualized fitness, lifestyle and nutrition, you've come to the right place. 

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The Forest Method of Coaching

Mindfulness, Metabolism & Movement Education for StrengthPain Relief, and Mobility


Quickly and dramatically improve results, whatever the goal, through the precise application and integration of neuroscience. Results become easy and automatic by improving the communication between your brain and body.


We envision radically changing the fitness landscape to include individual empowerment and eliminate negative body image. We are strongly “anti-shaming” and coach with heart-forward, to the human being - FIRST. We empower you to love your body now.


Our coaches offer monthly workshops and quarterly educational series dedicated to providing our clients with ongoing physical and brain-based practices of energy, strength and healing so that they can go out and create that change. 

Hello, we are Forest Coaching!



We believe that a body in motion at any age comes down to three things:

  • Mindfulness 
  • Movement
  • Metabolism

The way the human brain dictates the body can sometimes be confusing. Let us teach you the unique language your brain speaks based on the physical stimulus experienced throughout our lives. When you work with us, you learn to translate that language for change. We also believe that change trickles beyond the workout, and into the lives that you share.

How do we know this? We've been right where you are! Read More...

Compassion is Why. 

Strength Training, Mobility, Life Skill Coaching, Autoimmune & Pain Relief is what we do...

We are re-educating people as fast as we can that they are already enough and that they can develop a mindset and tailored skillset that will create the strength to do anything. We are building an environment in person and online that allows anyone and everyone to feel like they are capable of strength in their daily lives and physical bodies in a way that creates a passionate and sustainable work environment for coaches who care.



Meet the Forest Team


Auto-immune, Chronic Pain & Life Skill Coaching


Functional Breathing, Kettlebells & Running


Strength, Performance & Pain Relief

Lauren Rae

Pilates, Core, Balance & Mobility, Quantum Healing


Strength, Kettlebells, Functional Movement

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The Forest Method

Learn how to live a healthy, happy, pain-free life by utilizing our 7 Day, Self-Study video course.

⚡️ Goal Setting & Consistent Motivation
⚡️ Understand & Mastering YOUR Unique Neurology
⚡️ Mindfulness, Breathing & Meditation
⚡️ Healing & Optimizing Your Metabolism
⚡️ Safe, Effective Movement Patterns

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"Learning The Forest Method took my mile time from 9:30 to an 8:50 running pace!"


"I have been successfully able to stop symptoms of head injury and trauma with Forest Coaching."


"I've struggled after so many invasive surgeries, but now I feel stronger than ever!"


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