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Learn how to Workout with Kettlebells!

If you're looking for a Downtown Madison area gym that can teach you about proper exercise form, functional movement and safe Kettlebell skills - look no further. Better yet - This Community Class is open to everyone! Our team of coaches are trained to help you modify all fitness movements to suit your body, needs and goals.

  • Build Core Strength

  • Create Confidence 

  • Increase Flexibility

  • Get Your Sweat On

  • ... & Meet Cool Local People!

Join us monthly for 60 minutes of interactive group coaching that will train your mind, body, and soul. Plus you'll get the chance to connect with your personal strength and the local community.

With one-on-one guidance and group support, at FOREST Coaching you've found a safe place to dig deep and nurture your inner Kettlebell Badass.

Because you are so worth it!

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Get Stronger with Less Effort & MORE FUN at home.

This free digital course will teach you the Kettlebell Basics you need to build confidence and strength in your training program and daily life.

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Community Class Schedule

Community Kettlebell Classes are held at FOREST Coaching & Studios, weekly on Saturday's, from 9:15am-10:00am.

Open to Anyone & Everyone,
Pay what you can!

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NASM CPT, Z Health R-Phase & Essentials of Elite Performance, RKC Instructor

The people who know me best would describe me as patient, empathic, and approachable. 

Strength training has been a passion of mine for the past 12+ years. It is the cornerstone of my mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Ever since high school when I was considering becoming a therapist, I wanted to have a direct impact on improving people's lives.

After receiving support and a gentle push from my wife, I left my long time day job in a high level leadership position to pursue my passion. It was the perfect fit to apply my skills and fulfil my desire to help others. On top of that I wanted a career that's fun! I have been having such a blast helping others succeed, learning new things every day, and sharing my love of lifting.

So why will YOU love classes at FOREST Coaching?

Kettlebells are so much fun!  The ballistic movements that stem from the kettlebell swing provide such a huge "bang for your buck" and can't be replicated with any other implement. Kettlebells are suitable for nearly any training goal and allow for incredible freedom of movement. The classic "big 6" kettlebell moves along with a handful of accessory lifts create an elegant training system that's easily adapted to all experience and fitness levels. 

Join me at the FOREST for Community Kettlebells, 1:1 or Semi-Private Coaching and a boatload of strength and confidence.

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"I have worked with several trainers at Forest, and it is clear that they have all trained very hard and deeply understand the movements they ask their clients to complete. The staff are truly experts of their craft."

Noah G

"I love the Community Classes at FOREST! Being able to practice fun skills with other people is powerful and really enhances my weekend."

Corey M