You. Yes, YOU! 

You deserve a life free from pain and a capacity for movement that comes from a place of deep strength and joy


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You can count on learning the newest wave of sports science from our coaches who have hundreds of hours of training from industry-leaders like, Strong First, Oxygen Advantage, ZHealth, Power Pilates, and more.


We envision radically changing the fitness landscape to include individual empowerment and eliminate negative body image. We are strongly “anti-shaming” and coach with heart-forward, to the human being - FIRST. We empower you to love your body now.


We believe kindness is the fastest way to a happy body. You are cared for every step of the way with members of the Forest team that truly care about, and are dedicated to your health, success and happiness.



Founder, Owner & Lead Coach

200 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher, Strong First Level II Kettlebell Instructor, Certified TRX Instructor, Certified Z Health Coach (RIST, 9S)

I coach and teach from a place of radical and disruptive acceptance and grace, finding that vulnerability, consistent skill development and a focus on the whole Self leads clients to places of deep healing and strength. Forest Coaching is founded on that practice, and it is my mission to teach my staff and clients the importance of the Whole Self, how to practice living and training with grace, acceptance and consistent skill development so that we can all make a change in our corner of the world.


Running & Functional Breathing

BS, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Health Coach, Strong First Level I Kettlebell Instructor, Certified TRX Instructor, Oxygen Advantage Certified Instructor, UESCA Certified Running Coach, Z Health (R Phase)

I envision a world where every person can experience joy in movement and athletic performance. Using breathing, kettlebells, running and mindfulness, it is my mission to help people live fearlessly.

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Strength & Speed

BS in ESS, Minor in Nutrition, USA Weightlifting lvl 1 certification, CPR, Z-Health (R,I Phase)

I love working with volleyball players, anyone interested in olympic & power lifting, or those who've plateaued.  I want people to know that you can lift heavy and purposefully, and eat to support your metabolism without hurting yourself. 

I am dedicated to helping others reach their goals and dreams. I create interactions and relationships that are memorable, energizing, and educational so that others can live pain-free and filled with strength. 

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Core Strength & Pilates

BS, NASM CPT, Power Pilates Certified in Mat, Advanced Reformer, Tower Systems, Wunda Chair & Barrel Progressions, Plyometric Training, NLP, Meditation. Currently Completing Z Health Phase 1

It is my goal to combine the Forest Method with my education in Classical Pilates to support the education of wellness and vitality of clients in a fun, engaging and safe way for any body, anywhere. I am most fascinated by the application of core strength and Pilates in every day life to feel stronger, more stable and more connected.

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Meredith Wodrich

Meditation in Motion, Life Coaching

BA-Art Therapy, MS-Experiential Education, Master Addiction Counselor, National Consultant in Trauma Informed Care.

Movement and meditation are the things that keep me sane and happy! Having 30+ years working in expressive arts and animal assisted therapy, my approach to wellness is to offer whole person experiences that create connection and reflection with our bodies, minds and spirits. Owner, Whole Being Counseling and Consulting, LLC. Join me for early morning movement and meditation. Let’s fully inhabit our bodies with gentle mindfulness practices.

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Client Care & Scheduling

BS in Nutrition, Community Organizer & Supporter 

I'm here for YOU! Don't hesitate to reach out to me with your questions. I'm dedicated to serving you and helping to build our Forest community. 

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"Working with Forest Coaching has been one of the best, most positive & empowering experiences of my life. Thank you!"
Jamie Konopacky

"I woke up today tired, unmotivated and anxious and that zoom class totally turned my mood around completely! Thank you!"
Madelyn Plummer

"Your ability to evolve and bring new experiences to your clients (and the world) continues to inspire me! Bravo!"
Jessica Shultz

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