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No matter your fitness level or ability, Forest Coaching has something for you.

All levels of fitness can attend 1:1 sessions, online (Zoom) or in the Madison, WI  Studio.
Classes stream daily for all levels of fitness to create an affordable fast track to health and vitality. 
With self-study programs to monthly live events, you're always learning from the Forest Coaches.


Our Cornerstones course teaches functional neurology and mindfulness practices and to help you connect with your body like never before.

✅  How to understand and interpret the unique language of your brain
✅  Movement practices to get Flexible and Strong!
✅  Neurology Drills for Performance
✅  Mindfulness and Rhythmic Breathing for Stress Reduction and Pain Relief
✅  How to heal your Metabolism
✅  ...and so much more!

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Hi, We're Forest Coaching!


Welcome, friend. We've been in the movement industry for almost 15 years, and have a huge passion for empowerment, body positivity, and helping others live a big life in a body that brings them joy.


More About The Forest Team

What can you expect from Forest Coaching?

Forest Coaching is all about getting you in your body and moving, learning what gets you results, and having fun. The consistent results & more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter which class you take, you can count on three things:


Quickly and dramatically improve results, whatever the goal, through the precise application and integration of neuroscience.


We envision radically changing the fitness landscape to include empowerment and eliminate negative body image.

Accessible &

We're dedicated to fun & personalized, physical and brain-based practices of energy, strength and healing, LIVE and On Demand.


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Mindfulness in Motion

Wake up to the day! Heal and move with early morning movement and meditation. Fully inhabit your bodies with gentle mindfulness practices.

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Functional Breathing
& Strength

Create mastery and control over your movement. Increase your resilience, endurance and focus. Classes will incorporate functional breathing techniques to improve posture, endurance and confidence in everyday movement. All levels.

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Mid-Day Energy Boost

A combination of movement and breathing to energize your afternoon, suitable for EVERY BODY! Log off feeling energized and ready to tackle your afternoon!

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Client Success Stories


“I think for me personally, I could go on forever about what I learned from the Forest Method and what I'm continuing to learn!"


“Your ability to evolve and bring new experiences to your clients (and the world) continues to inspire me! Bravo!”


“I woke up today tired, unmotivated and anxious and that zoom class totally turned my mood around completely! Thank you!”


“Working with Forest Coaching has been one of the best, most positive & empowering experiences of my life. Thank you!”


"Truly unique mix of intelligence, humor, common sense, and FUN. They know strength backwards and forwards."


"I can’t say enough great things about Forest Coaching. They have a unique approach to fitness and I am really thankful!"


"I appreciate the personalized programs and classes that help me personally. Its never just a one-size-fits-most, but a fine tuned program to continue improving."


"It's just crazy that I couldn't make it up the stairs 1 month ago... and now, because of Amanda, I can do that! I feel wonderful."

So the gym isn't your thing?

 Have fun and feel your best, with Education at your own pace. 

You don't have to be a fitness enthusiast to get moving with us. Come as you are, wherever you are...
because the perfect body, is the body you already have. 

Explore Our Self-Study Courses

Clean Out & Let Go

with Annie Forest

Release backlog of energy and emotions that make us sick, creates chronic pain and pushes us into unhealthy behaviors.

Back Pain & Tension Headaches 

with Troy Bailey

Pain is a signal from your brain for change. Learn how your body communicates and respond intuitively.

Unlock Your Personal Best

with Amanda Bauer

Break the loop of limited results and plateaus. Train smarter without endless squats, burpees and vegetables.

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