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Another Fitness Method

The Forest Method

Neuroscience + Fitness

= Get STRONGER, Eliminate Plateaus, Heal FASTER, Love the Skin You're in Now

Experience the Difference, FREE FOR 2 WEEKS!

All levels of fitness can attend 1:1 sessions, online (Zoom) or in the Madison, WI  Studio.


Classes stream daily for all levels of fitness to create an affordable fast track to health and vitality. 


With 12 monthly workshops each year, and 1 Series a quarter - you're always learning.


A Fitness Method Solution That works.

The Forest Method 

Is for athletes, home-bodies and everyone
in between. If you have a brain, 
our method is for you.


"Truly unique mix of intelligence, humor, common sense, and FUN. They know strength backwards and forwards. You will be well cared for and challenged to become YOUR best, not someone else's idea of your best." - Mark


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