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Courage Corner: Functional Training and Kettlebell Workouts

Courage Corner Week 2: Upper Body Push and Pull

courage corner kettlebell strength training Nov 22, 2023

Upper Body Push/Pull

This kettlebell workout uses an “antagonistic superset''. Sounds fancy, right!? All it means is that we are alternating working opposite muscle groups. While one muscle group works, the other rests! 

Do as many rounds as possible (or desired) in 15 minutes: 

  • Left = 8 x bent over rows, Left = 5 x military or strict shoulder presses 
  • Right = 8 x bent over rows, Left 5 x presses 
  • Rest until you're able to breathe normally / feel recovered

Kettlebell too light? Try 8 presses and 10 rows.

Kettlebell too heavy? Try 3 presses and 5 rows. 

Want to focus on building strength?  Use a heavy kettlebell and take longer rest  (about 90-120 seconds)

Is endurance more your jam? Use a lighter bell with shorter rest periods (around 20-60 seconds) 


By Matt McHugh, RKC "I believe every body is capable of great things and have made it my mission to teach others how to do that in a fun, safe environment with kettlebells and functional movement." Learn more about Matt and all our coaches HERE!


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