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Train your EYES to Run Faster!

brain candy personal training running Jun 03, 2021

Did you know: your eyes send more information to your brain - every second - than all your other senses combined!?

Running, even when you take away the heart pounding, breathtaking hard work of it, is a WORKOUT for your brain! You’re bouncing up and down, while propelling yourself forward, while keeping an eye on your surroundings to make sure you don’t trip and don’t run into anything, while staying oriented toward your goal … your eyes are required to track, stabilize, and feed information to your brain for processing and action at an incredible rate (even if you’re just jogging.)

All that means is : if your eyes are not prepared for the requirements of running, it’s possible that your brain might slow your speed down to get to a place where they can do their job to keep you safe.


Here are a few of our favorite drills to help keep you running at top speed!

Near/Far : this skill trains you to look at where you are / the road in front of you while switching to the distance to stay on track.

Vertical Pursuits : You MIGHT think your eyes are still, but they’re actually tracking up and down to make it LOOK like things are still while you bounce!

Infinity Walks : We start this at a walk, but recommend working it up to your running speed to teach the important skill of moving your body forward while keeping your eyes on a target that may be to your left or right.

Check out the video we’ve put together to teach you all of these skills! Start with adding them as a warm up (alongside this quick breathing warm-up for runners) to your running routine and let us know how it goes.


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