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Three Exercises to Avoid Common Running Injuries

breathing exercise habits motivation pain relief personal training running self improvement strength training strong first May 13, 2021

How many times have you started a running program, then pulled a hamstring, tweaked your lower back or rolled an ankle on a rock that just had it out for you?


We hear this SO OFTEN! And wanted to put together a quick video of the three exercises that we teach ALL of our runners. 


If you’ve been through our Cornerstones Course (you haven’t!? It’s free! Click HERE!) you know all about the maps that your brain has for your whole body. And you’ll know that your brain THRIVES on predictability, seeks out threat and just really works hard to keep you safe.


One of its best tools for keeping you safe in unpredictable environments: stiff muscles and pain! (Click HERE for blog post on pain)


In order to help your brain create better maps for your body, predictability for your brain, and balance in overall strength, we recommend lots of ankle mobility, pelvic mobility and posterior chain strengthening exercises.

Rather than TELLING you about it … I figured we’d just show you this week! So here are three of our favorite exercises for runners to help avoid common injuries like hamstring pulls, ankle sprains and low back pain. Do them before and after every run and see what happens!


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