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Must Have Home Fitness Equipment

exercise kettlebell strength training May 23, 2023

We get asked all the time : What equipment should I have for my home gym?

Obviously, we're a huge fan of kettlebells, as they're are compact, multi-purposed and a powerhouse of a workout, doing full body strength with just one tool! Knowing that kettlebells are not accessible to everyone (and sometimes you gotta take your gym on the road!) we compiled a how-to + our favorite piece of most-have home fitness equipment!

  1. Skip large, overly expensive or single use equipment. Instead, stick with multi-purpose, smaller options like bands, kettlebells and strap systems. 
  2. Purchase equipment you can either leave out or get to easily. If you have to haul out your equipment every time, you're going to be less likely to use it!
  3. Start with one or two pieces, then slowly add! Build workouts like you'd build a capsule wardrobe : get what you LOVE, then add small accessories to make that workout even better.

Here are our favorite options for in-home fitness*!

  1. Kettlebells! Start with 8-12 kg if you're a noob, and 12-16 kg if you've had some experience. (FYI : if you're planning on doing high-volume swings or snatches, the handles MATTER. Purchase something with a higher price point like Metrixx ECoat or RKC bells that have a smooth, single cast handle.)
  2. Resistance Bands. Flexvit bands are our go-to if you want the "full circle" style. But these multi-weight resistance bands come with a door anchor, handle options and carrying back for travel!
  3. Pilates Ring. This thing doesn't mess around. If you want stability, core and isometric training ... don't be fooled by it's low profile. You'll wonder what happened to you.
  4. High Quality Exercise Mat. BUY. A GOOD. MAT. Cheap, thin mats mean slipping hands and feet, crabby knees and a quick wear and tear. Spend the money on a good mat you'll use for years!
  5. TRX system. If you can mount it overhead : YES! If not : the door anchor is such a great tool. Suspension systems are amazing for both at-home and travel, and are just fun to play around with.

Now what to do with all this amazing stuff!! 

1. Get excited and set up your home gym! (or corner or closet...) Make it somewhere with light you enjoy, add a quote that inspires you and a BlueTooth speaker for music. (Here's our community playlist to get you started!)

2. Check out our blog post on How to Build and Stick to an Exercise Routine! We share our top tips for choosing exercises and creating a plan you'll actually do.

3. Ask for advice! Shoot us a message if you're interested in distance coaching, kettlebell form or more resources! 

Happy Lifting!!

*quick heads up that some of these are Amazon affiliate links, and we make a small portion of the proceeds on anything you order. We only ever recommend things we use and love! Thanks!!

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