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Courage Corner: Functional Training and Kettlebell Workouts

Courage Corner Week 3: Lower Body Hinge and Squat

courage corner kettlebell strength training Nov 29, 2023

Lower Body Superset

Last week we used a two move superset to work the entire upper body. Today we’ll use the same approach to give the lower body some love. Cycle between the two for a fun upper/lower workout routine! 

As many rounds as possible (or desired) in 15 minutes: 

Kettlebell too light? Try 15 deadlifts/swings and 10 squats

Too heavy? Try 6 deadlifts/swings and 3 squats. 

Want to focus on building strength?  Use a heavier kettlebell and take longer rest  (~90-120 seconds)

Is endurance more your jam? Use a light kettlebell with shorter rest periods (~20-60 seconds) 


By Matt McHugh, RKC "I believe every body is capable of great things and have made it my mission to teach others how to do that in a fun, safe environment with kettlebells and functional movement." Learn more about Matt and all our coaches HERE!


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