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Courage Corner: Functional Training and Kettlebell Workouts

Courage Corner Week 4: Classic Kettlebells

courage corner kettlebell strength training Dec 06, 2023

The Classic


This week’s workout is a spin on an old classic that works just about everything! 


The workout is simple: 10 swings or deadlifts followed by 1 turkish getup


Choose the number of rounds based on how you feel and your experience level (start light if this is new): 

  • Light day = 3 rounds 
  • Medium day = 5 rounds 
  • Heavy day = 8 rounds 
  • “Conquer the world day” = 10 rounds 


Feel free to do a partial getup if you are new to the movement. It’s great to learn in stages! Bodyweight getups or a yoga block on the fist are also excellent options. 


If you can perform 10 rounds with great form and feel A-OK the next day, grab a heavier bell and hop back down to 3- 5 rounds next time! 


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