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Person in bed with text that says when hard things happen.

When Hard Things Happen

exercise personal training strength training Oct 21, 2020
We're gonna take a quick digression here, then go back for Part 2 of the Weight Loss Conundrum...
In the midst of this COVID-19 upheaval, I was talking to a really good friend / colleague, and came to a realization:
We've all had something big and hard happen -- some kind of majorly disrupting event. And we've all walked through the things.  The Grief. Confusion. Weird rush of "newness." Shame around the little bit of excitement around the newness or around maybe not feeling grief and confusion. We just don't usually do it all at once, all together, as a global community.
Many of us don't seem to know where to start or what to do. Finally learn the trumpet!? Or stay under this blanket forever?
But the needs aren't really all that different than in another unpredictable, disruptive or traumatic event, friends.
  1. Start with base-level needs: Safety. Shelter. Food. If you haven't yet, get your house (literally) in order -- create cozy spaces and work spaces and fun spaces. Clean your bathroom sinks. Then make or order some food that you can really enjoy. (PUT. DOWN. THE CHEESE ITS.) From a yoga perspective, this is the time to do root chakra meditation, hip and pelvis work and deep toning or TRE.
  2. Then add structure: Your brain needs predictability, so make a gentle plan of some kind for your days. Block your work time and personal time. Give your brain the information that there is space for everything you need and want each day -- remember that 10 minutes counts. This is where we insert strength training! Pick up a kettlebell and do some squats, deadlifts, swings and presses.
  3. CONNECT. Once you are rooted into yourself and your space, reach out. Talk on the phone. FaceTime. Take a Zoom class. Wave at your neighbors from under your blanket. As human beings we are WIRED for connection. This is the step where you can add an online fitness class!
  4. And watch what you're capable of. Don't try to come out of this a trumpet virtuoso. But there is the potential to emerge from your home a version of yourself that you were happy to spend a month in quarantine with.  Find small ways to nurture or grow a passion. Read a few pages of a book that you've been avoiding. Do yoga or pick up a kettlebell or go for a walk once a day.

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