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Women together with text that says your body your business.

Weight Loss Pt 2

motivation strength training weight loss Oct 21, 2020
In Part 1 of this series, we covered the fact that "weight loss" isn't a goal. It's a pathway to something of far greater significance! So many of us assign "a smaller body" to:
Pain Relief
because we've been told (or interpreted others' statements to believe) that a smaller, leaner body is our outward representation of these attributes.
"You're so lean and fit!"
"You're so curvy!"
"Oh... you look so... healthy...?"
"You must work out so often and not eat anything, looking like that!"
and while, often, these are banal statements by people actually commenting on their own state of being (the unspoken "I wish I was so lean and fit... I hope I don't look like that...I feel awful about myself just looking at you...") it is YOUR business what you're up to inside your skin and in the world.
Quick aside:COVID-19 and the upheaval in our communities and our world, (don't forget the murder hornets!) has our collective nervous systems in a state of fight/flight/freeze, and our bodies are responding correctly from an evolutionary standpoint: adding a few pounds of padding to our behinds and bellies in response to the news-inspired cycles of adrenaline and cortisol. Many of us are working harder and stressing more than we've ever had to ... we're fighting biology... yet we're being bombarded with messages that we should use our time at home to workout MORE and eat EVEN BETTER!"
If you're struggling with the chasm between your experience of your body and the comments of others (including social media!): you're not alone. And if - right now or ever - you've had family members, friends, medical providers or complete strangers make it their business to comment on your body, please hear this:
YOUR body is YOUR business.
Your contribution to the world can be a conversation.
Your body composition is not up for discussion.
To wrap this back and make it actionable, grab a journal or just pause for a minute:
What are you really REALLY wanting or seeking out of weight loss?
How much do others' comments, opinions or social media feeds take the focus off what you really want and keep you locked in a cycle of body-hatred or endless dieting?
How can you take ownership of your experience of your body AND your truest desires and help them come together in acceptance and grace? (Even now, in a time of disruption?)

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