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Why You Should Get a Workout Partner

Nov 07, 2022

Statistically speaking, you are far more likely to succeed in your health and fitness goals if you have a workout partner or a group. According to one study, nearly 20% more people stuck to a plan who had a community than those who didn't!

There is immense power in a workout partner and a fitness community.

AND. Fitness requires connection to our bodies.

Community requires connection to others.

And - without fail - connection requires vulnerability.

So why take the risk!?

  • Showing up vulnerably with a coach or other people who are also doing their work leaves us feeling less alone and more empowered.
  • Showing up with vulnerability leads to better movement patterns because when we allow ourselves to make mistakes, we can SEE our mistakes and FIX them!

What are the consequences of DISconnection in our bodies or community?

  • inefficiency

  • loss of energy

  • injury or pain

How do we create Connection in our movements and community? 

(For reals! This applies to both how you move in your body and how you connect with a group!)

  • NAME what you're feeling physically or emotionally
  • PAUSE. and decide where to engage
  • ENGAGE. or ask for help, if you're not sure how to engage correctly
  • ACT. (say the thing! pick up the kettlebell!)

Here are three ways to find a workout partner or group:

  1. Post to your local MeetUp or Facebook groups. They often have other humans with similar interests or lifestyles that might be a great fit.
  2. Ask someone you know. Just make the ask! "I'm noticing I'm having a hard time making it to the gym. Would you want to work out / walk / dance with me once a week?"
  3. Ask a group fitness teacher or fitness pro. We often know other people who are looking for a buddy!

(You can also connect with me HERE and we can brainstorm some ideas!)

 Here's my favorite talk on vulnerability from Brene Brown (the social science queen of vulnerability and connection.) 

Here's a deep dive into the transitions that happen as we learn. You're ALL DOING IT. Most of us just have a hard time admitting or naming it.

Now go get sweaty with someone!


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