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Five Best Exercises for Lower Back Pain

Mar 14, 2022

Back pain is one of those thing that can stop you in your tracks ... and can be fairly complex to address when you just want to get back to your day. It can grow over time from stress, poor mechanics and poor visual skills or just come out the blue in one of those breath taking "back spasm" moments.

Rather than just digging into crabby muscles with your massage ball, taking ibuprofen and gutting it out or canceling plans, try some unconventional exercises to address possible underlying causes like : poor breathing mechanics, pelvic floor tone, visual issues or ... yep... your attitude!


We've pulled some of our favorite exercises together in a quick vlog for you today, so save this link and get relief when you're feeling the ache!


1. Visualization / Positive Affirmation : Back pain can be triggered by something as simple as work stress, and pain can be worsened by fear about the pain! Start by addressing any existing stress, fear or upset by doing some gentle visualizations -- see yourself pain free, in a situation that brings you joy and feeling mobile and strong -- and affirmations -- repeating points of gratitude, a phrase or quote that brings you peace or simply "I am strong, healthy and free from pain."

2. Diaphragmatic Breathing : Activate your most important core muscle with some targeted breathing drills. This can also trigger a calm state in your nervous system, turning down pain signals and relaxing tight muscles!

3. Pelvic Tilts : Often, an immobile or poorly aligned pelvis or poor pelvic floor tone can result in tight muscles intending to protect the lower back. Gentle, slow, small pelvic tilts can reset the alignment and tone.

4. Neck Mobility : Tight neck can actually equal a tight, painful middle or lower back! Especially if you've been on a screen all day, take some time to practice good, clean movement in your neck and let your lower back reap the benefits.

5. Vertical Saccades : Ready to get nerdy? Your eye reflexes change your spinal musculature! "Clicking" your eyes up and down in a vertical saccade can send signals to your entire spine about where to align and how to stay that way!

Follow along with the video below ... then let us know which one was your favorite!

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