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Don't Go Get Your Shit Together

habits motivation weight loss Dec 29, 2021

(originally posted on in 2016 ... but it bears repeating, so here ya go!)

I don’t make New Years resolutions.

I gave up on them years ago when I realized that – like everyone else – I was bailing out by January 9th at 2 pm and was tired of feeling like a failure.

I do, however, make little, insignificant changes my brain won’t even notice…like “take a Vitamin D when you drink your coffee.” Because if I throw out a 30 Day Challenge for REGULARLY TAKING MY SUPPLEMENTS! I immediately go punk rock and flip off the Vitamin D bottle while staring it down over said coffee.


Brain science FACT:

Your brain kinda hates big changes. Your subconscious brain is really (REALLY) interested in keeping you exactly where you are right now because it’s predictable, and predictable feels pretty safe, even when it’s not healthy or ideal.

So that “I’m going to gym every day for the next month! Bikini season here I come because I’m making 2017 awesome!!” plan?

Your poor back brain (unbeknownst to your thinking mind) is going “OHDEARGOD. Where are we going to find the time and fuel and resources for 30 hours in the gym? We hate the gym. and F&*#. Bikinis?”

...and will start the subtle ninja process of talking you out of that plan at every option. You’ll override the ninja for like 3-7 days…then suddenly you’re sleeping past your alarm, finding reasons to stay at work a few minutes longer and strain your lower back while walking to water fountain before walking to the treadmill.


So here’s the way around that:

TINY changes. IIIIITY bitty ones that you might not even think will help. Download music that makes you happy and motivated. Leave your supplements next to the coffee maker. Put a water bottle on your desk at work. Then just leave it alone and watch what happens.


Here’s YOUR homework:

1. Think about a larger hope you have.

2. Break it down into the tiniest, most seemingly useless bite-sized piece you can.

3. Work that piece into a part of your life that’s already a habit. Coffee. Netflix. Commuting. Whatever. (Don’t “make time for it” outside of your existing habits because that can karate chop the sabotage ninja into gear.)

4. Post a photo of that habit or something else awesome (like a kitten) to Instagram  and tag us (@forestcoaching). Or just head over to the contact page and and be all “HOLY SHIT I DID THAT THING TODAY” so I can send you a high-five.


You have the power to make incredible shifts in your energy and in your life without the crippling stress of finding time or feeling like a failure when you don’t quite make it to 30 days without coffee (WHY ON EARTH would you do that to yourself, btw?)


These little changes are a tiny form of self-love that adds to exponentially to compassion and hope for a future that holds you in the palm of love and kindness. Don’t miss out.

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