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Image of low back with text that says unconventional exercises for low back pain.

Unconventional Exercises for LBP

back pain exercise pain relief personal training Oct 21, 2020
If you’ve been keeping up the past few weeks, you’re well aware by now that tricky low back pain may not have anything to do with your low back at all! In fact, it may just be your brain asking you for more information, better digestion or a clearer view of the world.
Older models of pain relief (like ibuprofen, alternating heat and ice, static stretching and strict rest) are often either (at best) palliative or (to make matters worse!) causing your brain to send out even more pain signals in the long run.
Listening to the question the pain is “asking” (Can I have more information? Better oxygen delivery? A clearer picture of how gravity is affecting me?) and providing active care is often a better bet!
Here are some of our favorite exercises for low back pain:
Note: This information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read here.
  1. Skin Stimulation: Simply providing your brain with a better “map” of your spine using touch can decrease pain levels and improve stability! Try a towel, body brush, light knuckle grazing or another human to lightly stroke the skin around your spine, pelvis and tailbone. (Don’t whip out the massage oil.. for this exercise, you’ll stay at skin level, rather than pushing hard enough to move muscle tissue.)
  2. Diaphragmatic Activation and Relaxation.
    Start with a diaphragm STRETCH. Lay on your back with your arms on the floor or a bolster behind your head. Open your mouth and throat, and exhale alllll your air out (then a little more.) Bring your arms down slowly and let your belly relax and hold the air out for a few seconds.
    Then help your diaphragm contract! Wrap a yoga strap or theraband around the widest part of your ribs. Plug one nostril + half of the other, and inhale evenly into all parts of the band or strap. Aim to breathe into all 360 degrees!
  3. Rocking and Pelvic Tilts.
    Rocking: From your hands and knees, find a neutral spine (you should be able to balance a glass of wine - or a tennis ball - on your back!) and neck. Gaze between your thumbs. Start by gently sitting the “butt crease” -- that part of your butt under your cheeks -- toward your heels, keeping that wine glass balanced, then rock forward so your shoulders track slightly in front of your wrists. Continue for 10 reps.
    Pelvic Tilts: Then, pausing in neutral again, tilt your tailbone toward your low back on an inhale (the movement will be small!) and exhale to tilt your pubic bone toward your belly button. Continue this pelvic rock and breath for 10 reps.
  4. Vertical Saccades. Moving your EYE muscles can help relax your beck and back muscles!
    About arms-length distance, line one thumb up with your hairline and the other with your chin (or about 8”-12” apart, top to bottom.)
    Look at your top thumb, then - when you can see it clearly - quickly switch to the bottom thumb. Make it as clear as you can, then switch to the top. Switch back and forth for about 15 seconds and work your way up to 30 if it’s helping!
    Remember to breathe and hold good posture.
All in all … the BEST drill to alleviate back pain … the one that works for YOU! Don’t panic. Take a breath. Do SOMETHING. And continue to be curious about what your brain might be asking or communicating!
Not finding any magic bullets here?
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