The FOREST Cornerstones

An introduction to Neuro-Centric Fitness and Wellness 


We’ve combined current neuroscience concepts with our extensive experience in the health and wellness industry to create The Forest Method.

We're excited to teach you how to build a personalized way to create pain-relief, improved mobility, athletic performance and energy.


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This Course Is For You.

  • If you've ever struggled to stay  motivated, get or keep results
  • You have unexplainable pain or muscle tension
  • You're not sure how to get from here to 'where you want to be.'
  • Your balance, vision or core muscles could use some TLC
  • You're curious about the benefits of breathwork and how to make it a practice

What It Is.

  • An Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Goal Setting and Assessing
  • Mindfulness in Action
  • Healing and Optimizing Your Metabolism
  • Movement Skills & Functional Application

What You'll Unlock.

  • The Unique Language of YOUR Brain
  • Neurology Drills for Performance
  • Breathing Exercises for Movement and Performance
  • Mindfulness and Rhythmic Breathing for Stress Reduction and Pain Relief
  • How to Heal Your Metabolism
  • How to get Flexible and Strong, Fast!
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Self-Paced Course


Top features

  • Printable PDF workbooks and downloadable videos
  • Learn easy drills you can do anywhere
  • Pre-recorded classes
  • Follow up your education with a call with a FOREST Coach!

The Forest Method

Neurology 101




Casey S.

"I think for me personally, I could go on forever about what I learned from the Forest Cornerstones... and what I'm continuing to learn! I would say, broadly speaking, I’ve learned to listen to my brain - and now have the tools to give it what it needs."


Before I found Forest Coaching, things were fine; they weren’t great but they were fine. I was struggling to find a place to workout that was really good. I really thought that I needed to be sore, or push myself until it was hard to get out of bed the next day, to make progress.

I think a very important thing that they’ve taught me is that if I can’t do something: think about why I can't do it, That, combined with their caring-ness and concept that you don't need to hurt yourself or be sore to do a good workout is really just fantastic!

They’ve taught me really just how to be a better athlete and better in my general life. I really can’t speak highly enough of them… and I haven’t even talked about pain management because...I...don’t have it anymore

What's Included.

  • Instructional video/audio guided lessons with Annie and the FOREST coaches.

    - Intro to Neurology : how your brain works behind the scenes!

    - Mindfulness : how to interact with your thinking mind.

    - Movement : faster strength, range of motion and pain relief!

    - Metabolism : fueling patterns, easy shifts and a new paradigm.

  • Self-Assessment: Discovering Your True North
  • Complete full-color course PDF Downloadable Workbooks for each module. 
  • Accountability and follow up emails with Annie Forest.
  • BONUS 'Body Scan' Meditation (Downloadable)
  • Steps you can take NOW to radically change the course of your health and wellness!

Still have questions?

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