Neurology 101





Everyone seems shocked when we tell them that you have more than one brain. We rarely hear health coaches talking about the 'mind' vs our 'brain' OR, how a PERSONALIZED practice of habits and movements that utilizes both, is proven to be most effective to setting, reaching and EXCEEDING goals. 
As leaders in brain-based training, we’ve combined current neuroscience concepts with our extensive experience in the health and wellness industry to create our newest coaching program: The Forest Method. It was specifically designed to teach you how to build your own personal lifestyle program for pain-relief, improved movement, optimal performance and a better brain by targeting how YOUR neurology, mindfulness, metabolism and movement works uniquely for YOU.


  • An Introduction to Neuroscience
  • Goal Setting and Assessing
  • Mindfulness in Action
  • Healing and Optimizing Your Metabolism
  • Movement Skills & Functional Application


  • The Unique Language of YOUR Brain
  • Neurology Drills for Performance
  • Breathing Exercises for Movement and Performance
  • Mindfulness and Rhythmic Breathing for Stress Reduction and Pain Relief
  • How to Heal Your Metabolism
  • How to get Flexible and Strong, Fast!


  • Self-Assessment: Discovering Your True North
  • Brand-new course videos, created and launched in 2021!
  • Access to all 97 Exercise videos AND 5 downloadable classes
  • Downloadable 'Body Scan' Meditation
  • Complete full-color course PDF downloads for each cornerstone
  • All videos may also be downloaded!

"I think for me personally, I could go on forever about what I learned from the Forest Method  and what I'm continuing to learn! I would say, broadly speaking, I’ve learned to listen to my brain.

Before I found Forest Coaching, things were fine; they weren’t great but they were fine. I was struggling to find a place to workout that was really good. I really thought that I needed to be sore, or push myself until it was hard to get out of bed the next day, to make progress.
I think a very important thing that they’ve taught me is that if I can’t do something: think about why I can't do it, do a (brain) drill that is good for me, take a visual rest break, move the body part, stimulate that body part with touch...anything that proves to's great! That, combined with their caring-ness and concept that you don't need to hurt yourself or be sore to do a good workout is really just fantastic! 
The Forest Method of Coaching has really helped me, think differently, like:
“Hey you know what? Today isn’t a day where a workout is going to help me”, “Today’s a day where maybe I do some mobility, and I don’t need to do strength”, or “Let bad days be bad days”.
That is a very important thing that they’ve taught me. And really just how to be a better athlete in general. I really can’t speak highly enough of them… and I haven’t even talked about pain management because...I...don’t have it anymore. All the programming is smart and conscientious enough for people that there are results and no pain.

- Casey Scott-Weathers
Forest Coaching Client since 2015




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