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Foundational Breathwork

Learn the fundamental skillset of breathwork in 8 Weeks.

 In this course you will learn tools to manage chronic pain, improve sleep, maximize performance, regulate your metabolism and ultimately change your life -- just with a few breaths. Breathing 101 is a deep dive into foundational breathwork training for your brain and body.

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"It's just crazy that I couldn't make it up the stairs 1 month ago... and now, because of Amanda, I can do that!
I feel wonderful."

- Tobin

"Controlling and patterning my breathing was the key! It allowed me to work through exercise, pain free and strengthen my ankle."


"After a bad fall I would have panic attacks in the water. This course and the breathing techniques I learned - got me back on my surfboard!"

- Lauren



2023 Event Dates

Join Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach Amanda Bauer as she leads you through an 8 week deep-dive into respiratory anatomy, function and performance strategies for anyone on a wellness or performance journey

Classes meet once weekly and replays are available within 24-48 hours.

Fall Session Dates are currently TBD

Email [email protected] for early access or with questions.



Week 1

Breathing Foundations 

Dive deep into the many benefits of incorporating targeted breath work into your daily life.

Week 2

Movement & Drills

Explore your own breathing patterns and start to train the functional breathing movement pattern.

Week 3

Breathing for Healing 

Learn proven neuro-techniques to utilize how you breathe to treat pain relief and improve self control and vagal tone. 


Week 4

Breathing for Brain Health

Lose the fog and learn techniques and drills for cognitive awareness and increased performance.

Week 5

Breathing for Performance

Air hunger practices will help you understand when to breathe during strength and endurance training for greater results.

Week 6


We’ll put breathwork into practice. Practicing techniques and reviewing the needs of our own nervous systems.

Week 7

Finding Focus & Clarity

Minimizing distractions and improving concentration through breathwork techniques.

Week 8

Assess & Progress

Review your newfound breathing habits and be wowed by your progress!



  • Anyone who snores!
  • Find yourself easily rendered breathless and fatigued
  • You have poor balance
  • You experience low energy
  • You have experienced anxiety
  • You have low back pain
  • You just can't seem to get past a training plateau


  • 8 Weeks of Professional Coaching with a Certified Trainer
  • Emails, Workbooks, & Personalized Drills to Practice
  • Never miss a class with recorded sessions sent to your email
  • Guaranteed Small Group Environment!


  • Join your instructor and classmates via ZOOM each week in the evening to learn, practice and progress.
  • Ask questions, get answers and get to know your classmates in the private Facebook Group.
  • Access your course and study from your member portal during the week!

Meet Your BREATHING 101 Coach

Amanda Bauer

Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, Breathing, Running and Kettlebells Expert.

As a lifelong learner and science nerd, Amanda Bauer has a strong passion to empower others and her goal is to give her clients permission to become the best version of themselves and offers a neurological and scientific-based perspective for all humans.

After studying Theater at UCLA and Greek at UW Madison, a decade passed without Amanda experiencing purposeful movement. She had started to become anxious and restless during normal training sessions and couldn’t understand why she felt so hyper and yet was performing so poorly. Looking for answers, she stumbled upon what Amanda refers to as, "the joyful sport of kettlebells and running" and quickly became a student and a follower of the Oxygen Advantage. She says,

"After adjusting to nasal breathing and understanding the science behind breath my own training flourished."

Amanda currently resides, teaches classes and private clients in Madison, Wisconsin. Offering services both virtually as well as in person through Forest Coaching and Studios.

Amanda specializes in coaching recreational runners as well as any client looking to bring ease and comfort to their everyday lives.

Whether you are 17 or 87; pain, injury and fatigue are not inevitable outcomes of sports or the trials of your life.

Applying functional breathing techniques and getting back to the basics of movement are just a couple of tools that I teach to guide my everyday athletes back to a life of happy, comfortable movement.

Bottom line - if you are having trouble catching your breath walking up a flight of stairs, or if you’ve hit a plateau in your running career, Amanda can help you Breathe Better to Do Better.

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