Breathing for Anxiety Relief

Learn how to calm your nervous system, increase focus and clarity, and reduce stress and anxiety in 8 Weeks.

This course is built around teaching you real-time,  evidence-based, strategic breathwork practices to soothe stress and anxiety and help you live a more peaceful life. We'll start with the foundations of regulated, health respiration, then build week-to-week based on the needs and goals of the class.

Join Amanda Bauer, Master Trainer with the Oxygen Advantage System, for 8 weeks of connection, education and sweet relief.

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"Breathing for anxiety relief has been a lifesaver for me - it helps me stay calm and focused in stressful situations."

"Learning this specific style of breathwork has helped me to stay calm and relaxed, so I don't feel overwhelmed or stressed."

"I used to spiral when I felt anxiety coming on. The very practical tools I learned from Amanda have changed my life."

Use mindfulness and the neuroscience, anatomy and biochemistry of breath to reduce stress and anxiety!

Eight weeks small group education will focus on physical practice. Online resources include demonstrations, course material and guided meditations.


Anyone with anxiety!

  • Full time parents
  • Caregivers
  • Those with high-stress careers
  • High performance athletes
  • Students


8 Weeks of Professional Coaching

  • Real-time practice of evidence-based breathwork
  • Emails, Workbooks, &¬†Personalized Drills to Practice
  • Connection in a Small Group Environment!


Forest Coaching in Downtown Madison

  • 555 W Washington Ave
  • In our bright, welcoming large studio space
  • Access your course and study¬†from your member portal during the week!
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Meet Your Coach

Amanda Bauer

Certified Oxygen Advantage Coach, Breathing, Running and Kettlebells Expert.

As a lifelong learner and science nerd, Amanda Bauer has a strong passion to empower others and her goal is to give her clients permission to become the best version of themselves and offers a neurological and scientific-based perspective for all humans.

After studying Theater at UCLA and Greek at UW Madison, a decade passed without Amanda experiencing purposeful movement. She had started to become anxious and restless during normal training sessions and couldn’t understand why she felt so hyper and yet was performing so poorly. Looking for answers, she stumbled upon what Amanda refers to as, "the joyful sport of kettlebells and running" and quickly became a student and a follower of the Oxygen Advantage. She says,

"After adjusting to nasal breathing and understanding the science behind breath my own training flourished."

Amanda currently resides, teaches classes and private clients in Madison, Wisconsin. Offering services both virtually as well as in person through Forest Coaching and Studios.

Amanda specializes in coaching recreational runners as well as any client looking to bring ease and comfort to their everyday lives. She believes whether you are 17 or 87; pain, injury and fatigue are not inevitable outcomes of sports or the trials of your life.

Applying functional breathing techniques and getting back to the basics of movement are just a couple of tools that I teach to guide my everyday athletes back to a life of happy, comfortable movement.

Bottom line - if you are having trouble catching your breath walking up a flight of stairs, or if you’ve hit a plateau in your running career, Amanda can help you Breathe Better to Do Better.

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