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Hello, we are Forest Coaching!

We believe that a body in motion at any age
comes down to three things:

💡 Mindfullness
💡 Movement
💡 Metabolism


Mission & Values


This company truly started in 2010, when - as a full time traditional health and fitness professional, struggling with an exercise addiction and severe eating disorder - I realized that the fitness industry was breaking the people it was supposed to help. I began to coach and teach from a place of radical and disruptive acceptance and grace, finding that vulnerability, consistent skill development and a focus on the whole Self was leading clients to places of deep healing and strength.

Since then, the company has grown to include coaches and support staff with a passion for neurology and human behavior, functional strength and whole-person empowerment. Using kettlebells, body weight strength, respiration re-training, metabolic recovery practices and mindfulness-based approaches, we are re-educating people as fast as we can they they are ALREADY ENOUGH and that they can develop a mindset and skillset that will create the strength to do anything.

Our mission, as a team, is to provide clients with physical and brain-based practices of energy, strength and healing so that they can go out and change the world. We envision radically changing the fitness landscape to include individual empowerment and “anti-shaming” through neurocentric education, skill building and strength practices.

Simply put : we are building an environment in person and online that allows anyone and everyone to feel like they are capable of strength in their daily lives and physical bodies in a way that creates a passionate and sustainable work environment for coaches who care.

We Understand The Struggle.

Just like you, we've experienced truly wanting to feel safe and confident in a gym environment, stop dealing with injuries and plateaus. and just get stronger and feel like the real "me" again.

But, honestly, for each of us it was a struggle in a different way. What we all have in common is that we dove head-first into a neuro (brain-based) approach to movement, and stopped putting bandaids on top of bandaids. Learning and implementing the Forest Method has been the most important thing for us as individuals and professionals. Which is why we want you to know that it is THE most important thing you should consider before you take the next step.

If medication or inappropriate workouts have failed you in your attempts to gain strength, ease chronic neck and back pain, or change body composition -- you're not alone. In a sea of information from the fitness industry, it can get overwhelming out there! Every day, we work with clients to find smart, sustainable ways to feel alive, energized and capable of living their full potential.

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